arial photo of Solar Farm by Stacy Holbert

Booneville, a good hometown.

Today, Booneville has several large employers. These include the Booneville Human Development Center, Rockline, Booneville School District, Mercy Health Network, Walmart, and others.

The Booneville Economic Commission was first organized in the early 1950s and was known as the Booneville Industrial Development Commission. Key industries brought to the area have included The Ace Comb Company later bought by the Goody Corporation. Wolverine Toy Company opened operations in the 1970s and was later renamed Todays Kids. Rockline Industries, a wet-wipes manufacturer, purchased the factory in 2008, and remains in operation. Walmart opened its first Booneville store in 1981. Other industries currently in operation include a solar farm, a coat factory, engine rebuilding services, agricultural operations, with the area boasting a diverse economy of small businesses, farms, and light industry.

Booneville Planning & Zoning Commission

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Hanah Fritche

Hanah Davis


Booneville Planning and Zoning, Philip Blankenship

Philip Blankenship

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Jimmy Wright

Jimmy Wright

Booneville Planning and Zoning, Christin Villarreal

Christin Villarreal