Booneville City Parks

Marcelle Philips & Raney

Marcelle Philips Park and Raney Park are located on both sides of East 8th Street and share 26 acres of walking trails, disc golf, tennis and basketball courts, a baseball diamond, and an outdoor swimming pool. During 2023, the city will be upgrading the current playground and adding a splash pad to the park amenities. In addition to a large pavilion for gatherings, there are several picnic tables with grills along Booneville Creek for families to enjoy.

Booneville Railroad Station
Circus Parade in Booneville

Veterans Park

Veterans Park is located behind City Hall at 497 E. Main Street and sits on 3.25 acres. The city built the park to honor area Veterans who have served in our Countries military forces. In addition to the memorial, amenities include a .20 mile walking loop, benches for relaxation and fishing, picnic tables, a waterfall, a covered pavilion, and a public restroom.